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Custom Raffle Tickets

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Custom Raffle Tickets Tailor-Made to Suit Your Unique Requirements

Outshine your competition and include custom raffle tickets to your company’s marketing campaign. Everybody enjoys the anticipation of winning, and when it happens, so does your company brand. Go on, take that raffle. It will be a win-win situation.

Benefits of Personalised Raffle Tickets

We provide professionally designed custom tickets at an affordable price with no compromise to quality. An efficient way to make a direct connection with your target audience will be to personalise your offering at your next charity, fundraising or corporate event by introducing raffle tickets. It guarantees to leave a positive impact on potential customers and leads.

  • Brilliant branding tool. Raffle tickets provide excellent tools of advertising to market your brand. It will benefit you as it has a personal connection with your target audience and potential customers. What better way than to market your company by displaying your brand through tangible, visually appealing tickets to promote your brand?
  • Better name recognition. Apart from the usual competition details on the ticket, you can enhance and design it to reflect your company name, contact details, logo and catchphrases. When a potential customer buys the ticket, they will be sure to read it as they have a vested interest in the card since they stand to win something. Through this fun way of advertising, you will bring awareness to your company and its brand.
  • Latest printing technology. We have extensive knowledge of printing stems from generations of experience within the industry. With our experience and knowledge, we use only the best printing technology to produce top-quality products. Rest assured, we will express your personal touch most impressively.

With over 50 years of industry experience

We can give you the best price on the market

We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time

What You Can Expect From Print-Scratchcards Re Custom Printed Raffle Tickets

We have the wow factor when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. Our number one priority is to meet customer requirements to the best of our abilities. We use only the best technologies to produce a quality product for you.

  • Extra attractive design. Your customised ticket printed by our skilful team will create a much bigger splash than a simple generic one, as it will make your ticket more memorable. The person purchasing your raffle ticket will always associate with your company and recognise your brand since they will be waiting in anticipation to see if they have won a prize. When they do win, your company will inevitably come to mind in a positive light.
  • We listen to our customers. We strive for customer satisfaction, and we care about what you say. Harmonious interactions start with knowing what our customer wants and needs. We aim to keep you happy and satisfied with our efforts to meet your specific requirements by listening to your needs. We want to create long-term customer relationships because a satisfied customer will always be loyal and enduring.
  • Fast to respond with quick turnaround times. If time is a factor and you require your tickets immediately, we have the capabilities, advanced technology and printing equipment to get your job done as soon as possible. Depending on the quantity, we can turn around a project in 24 hours.

About Print-Scratchcards

Our family-run business with 50 years of experience offers stability and long-term commitment to our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work at an affordable rate. Whether national or international, we will take on your unique project and promise to deliver on time every time. With no limits on the quantity, no order is too small or too big, and we will deliver timeously. We also offer free delivery services. Contact us today to try a fun and exciting way to advertise your company.
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